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Domestic Violence Prevention

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Characteristics of an Abusive Relationship

Abuse in a relationship is any act used to gain power and control over another person including:

  • Physical Abuse – pushing, shoving, slapping, hitting, strangulation, biting, using a weapon, throwing you down
  • Threats – making threats to hurt you, threats to take the children, to report you to authorities, or commit suicide or kill you if you leave
  • Intimidation – putting you in fear by using looks, gestures, actions, yelling or destroying property
  • Blaming/Denying – saying that you caused the abuse, saying that it didn’t happen, or making light of the abuse
  • Stalking – repeatedly calling or texting you, following you, showing up wherever you are, damaging your home or car, monitoring phone calls/computer use, using GPS or hidden cameras to track you, other actions that control, track, or frighten you
  • Emotional Abuse – putting you down, calling you names, playing mind games
  • Isolation - limiting or controlling where you go, who you see and talk to
  • Economic Abuse – trying to keep you from getting a job, making you ask for money, taking your money or not giving you money for yourself or the children
  • Sexual Abuse — making you do sexual acts against your will
What You Can Do

Obtain an Injunction for Protection

An injunction (restraining order) is a protective order from the court that makes it illegal for the abuser to contact you. You can request by filing paperwork about the violence. Injunctions are free.

Weekdays 8a.m. - 4p.m.
545 1st Ave. N, St. Petersburg

Bring with you ID, dates of abuse, evidence of abuse (photos, texts, e-mails, etc.), contact information and location for the abuser. (There is a form to complete to keep your address confidential)

Apply for Victim Compensation

Victim Compensation is a program through the Attorney General’s Office to help you financially with:

  • Relocation - Must apply at CASA within 30 days from the date of the crime
  • Medical / Dental Bills
  • Wage Loss
  • Wage Loss

To apply, contact victim assistance at SPPD or CASA.

Safety Plan

A safety plan can be life saving:

  • Put aside money, clothes, and important documents in a secret location for when you are ready to leave.
  • Tell a neighbor if they hear a disturbance atyour home, to call police.
  • Make a code word to use with your children,family, friends, when you need the police.
  • All cell phones have the capability of calling 911 even if they do not have a service provider. Keep an old cell phone charged in case of an emergency to call 911.
Attend the Investigation

On felony cases, you must attend the investigation. This is a meeting at SPPD with the Assistant State Attorney to discuss the case. The abuser will not be present. This is the time to let the attorney know if the abuser needs counseling, substance abuse treatment, etc. It is important that you attend, even if you do not want to press charges.

Important Numbers
Facility Phone
Information and Referrals
CASA 727-895-4912
Haven of RCS (North County) 727-442-4128
Injunction For Protection
Clerk of the Court 727-464-7000
Legal Aid
Bay Area Legal Services 727-490-4040
Community Law Program 727-582-7480
Gulfcoast Legal Services 727-821-0726
State Attorney’s Office
Misdemeanor DV Division 727-464-6013
Additional Resources
Victim Assistance (SPPD) 727-892-5280
Victim Compensation 800-226-6667
Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) 877-846-3435
(Your pin number is the last 4 digits of your contact number)
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