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Crimes Against Persons

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Crimes Against Persons Division investigates crimes which result in injury, or threat of injury, directly to one or more persons.

The Division is further subdivided into:

  • Cold Case Unit (CCU) - Investigates major crimes that have been unsolved for an extended period of time and which remain open.
  • Digital Forensics Unit - A branch of forensic science which encompasses the recovery and investigation of materials found in digital devices.
  • Major Crimes Unit - Homicide, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Suicides, Shooting into Dwellings, Officer involved shootings, Arson, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Bomb Threats, Throwing Deadly Missles, Bank robbery, Carjacking, Commercial robbery, Individual robbery, and Home Invasions
  • Special Victims Unit (SVU) - Investigates cases related to domestic violence, sex crimes, missing persons cases, and all crimes against children.
  • Victim Assistance Unit- Provides victim advocacy for the department.

The Crimes Against Persons Division can be reached at 727-892-5844.

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