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Active Shooter Training

An active shooter presentation has been developed by the St. Petersburg Police Department to provide active shooter survival training for our citizens. This training is intended for businesses, schools, hospitals,churches and various other community groups within the City of St. Petersburg.

This presentation lasts approximately 90-minutes and provides information on what you should expect during a mass murder event, law enforcement response, and what you should do in order to survive this encounter and make it home to your loved ones.

Who can request this training?

This training is available to any business, house of worship, school, or other venue located within the City of St. Petersburg. If interested in applying, please fill out our online training request below to get more details on how we can provide this important training.

Is there a cost for this training?

No! This training is offered as a public service to our community and as such this training is completely free. Given the demand for this training, we make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible realizing we may not be able to meet all requests.

Where does the training occur?

Believing that learning is maximized when citizens train in areas they are familiar with, we strongly encourage that the training takes place at your facility. If this is not practical, an alternate venue can be used depending on availability.

Request an Active Shooter Training

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