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Officer of the Quarter

In January 2022, Officer of Distinction award replaced the Officer of the Quarter award.
The Officer of Distinction award is presented every six months.

Year* Quarter Recipient
2021 First Courtney Parker
Second Nicole Stotler
Third Juan G. Cortes
2020 First Daniel Boccia
Second Andrew Koscica
Third Matthew Carter
Fourth Jamie Lowry
2019 First Michael Chick
Second Michael Bletsch
Third Christopher Buchanan
Fourth Christopher Dolch
2018 First Ryan Madison
Second Gina Hartzig
Third Joshua McKay & Meghan Hamill
Fourth Amanda Soto
2017 First John Evans
Second Quentin-Lee Morgan
Third Travis Closser
Fourth Neil Rambaran
2016 First Michael Bruno
Second Scott Cameron
Third Scott Blanchette
Fourth Charles Krickler
2015 First Sara Dines
Second Jeffrey Nichols
Third Lisa Gaskins
Fourth Mitchell “Travis” Closser

* Year is based on Fiscal Year beginning October 1.

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