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School Resource Officers

St. Petersburg Police patch. Loyalty, Integrity, Honor.

The School Resource Officers work to:

  • Combat juvenile delinquency
  • Foster a positive attitude by students toward law enforcement
  • Instill the values of good citizenship and community responsibility
  • Conduct preliminary investigation of crimes on campus
  • Provide counseling and education
  • Provide instruction to enhance understanding of the civil and criminal justice system
  • Provide safety and security to assigned campuses.

High School Resource Officers

Sergeant Jenna Gillis
High School SRO's

Officer Grace Albritton
Officer Terrance Bell

Gibbs High School

Officer Sara Dines
Officer Dimitri Guerrier

St. Pete High School

Officer Julian Battiest
Officer Eduardo Rivera

Lakewood High School

Officer William Stone
Officer Pamela Settle

Northeast High School

Middle School Resource Officers

Sergeant Bryan Andrews
Middle School SRO's

Officer George Graves
Tyrone Middle School

Officer Danielle Peterson
Meadowlawn Middle School

Officer Seth Maranville
BayPoint Middle School

Officer Nickie Rich
John Hopkins Middle School

Officer Antonio Romeu
Azalea Middle School

Youth Education Officers

Officer Aaron Waldo
Public Safety Cadet Program Unit #1969

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