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Patrol Districts

Patrol Districts

The Uniform Services Bureau provides direct police services to the community, including response by uniformed Officers to calls for police service, and works to identify and develop solutions to police-related community problems.

The Uniform Services Bureau is composed of three Patrol Districts, Special/Disaster Operations Division, and the Patrol Response Division. Each patrol district includes 911 responders and Community Service Officers.

The Patrol Response Division includes theTraffic Section, Mounted Patrol Unit, Police Assisting the Homeless (PATH) , Marine Unit, School Crossing Guards, and Volunteer Road Patrol.

The Special/Disaster Operations Division includes the Fleet Maintenance, Police Reserve Unit, Intelligence Lead Policing, Field Traing Section, Special Events Units and K-9 Unit.

The Uniform Services Bureau provides police services around the clock, responding to 911 emergencies, investigating crimes, crashes and much more. Embracing a community policing philosophy, all members of the bureau work with the community to prevent crime and resolve neighborhood issues in a jurisdiction 60.9 square miles in size.

Maintaining a 24 hour a day/ seven day a week presence, uniformed patrol officers are the most visible and recognizable part of the department.

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