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Forfeiture Grant Program

The purpose of the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Fund Award Program is to provide support to neighborhood agencies and organizations engaged in projects that seek to improve neighborhood safety, promote crime prevention, drug prevention, drug education and/or provide drug treatment services. This is accomplished by offering funding to neighborhood groups, associations, or organizations which have developed specific projects to address these areas of concern.

There are no matching fund requirements, nor are there restrictions on the amount of funding requested or the scope of the project for which support is requested. However, the amount distributed to approved applicants is within the sole discretion of the Chief of Police and the amount of funding available.

The Funding Approval Committee prefers to recommend allocation of funds to several different organizations or for several different projects that may be smaller parts of a broader effort by larger organizations. Proposals may range from requests for funding of entire projects or components of a larger project. Proposals may be for any ongoing program or regularly held event, provided the project, program or event meets the eligibility criteria set forth in the forfeiture application.

2022 Recipients of our Forfeiture Grant

  • Police Athletic League of St. Petersburg
  • Council of Neighborhood Associations of South Pinellas County, Inc.
  • The Gathering of Women, Inc.
  • New Frontiers of St. Petersburg, Inc
  • Nite Riders Van Club
  • Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
  • DOS Crescent Foundation, Inc.
  • Gibbs High Boys Basketball
  • SPPD Public Safety Cadets Unit #1969
  • Suncoast Cheerleading Association
  • City of St Petersburg Parks and Recreation
  • World Partnerships, Inc.
  • The Junior League of St. Petersburg
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