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EA George
EA George

Officer E. A. George

End of Watch: September 16, 1908 (No Photograph Available)

Officer Edward A. George was St. Petersburg’s second officer to be killed in the line of duty. Born in Centralia, IL, Edward George moved to Florida in 1890. He relocated specifically to St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1905. He was employed by the Electric Railway Company and “at one time” was a “valued member of the city police force.” At the time of his death he was Constable of the First District.

Officer Edward A. George was standing at the desk in the St. Petersburg Police Station when a fellow officer arrived with a prisoner on a minor charge. During a struggle, the prisoner took the arresting officer’s pistol which discharged, killing Officer George. The prisoner was later shot and killed after barricading himself in a cell with the weapon.

His survivors in 1908 included his three children, Ruby, 13; Ralph, 11; and Hubert, 9. His wife Isabella, born in 1872, died a few years earlier when Edward George was “visited by the deepest sorrow.”

Let us remember Officer George and his contribution to the department. He will continue to be a hero to all of us, having given his life to the service of the St. Petersburg Police Department.

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