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Employment - Telecommunicator


PST Trainee

  • Minimum: $25.34 per hour
  • Maximum: $33.08 per hour

Public Safety Telecommunicator

  • Minimum: $28.19 per hour
  • Maximum: $38.38 per hour

Shift differential is paid at a rate of $1.10 for hours worked on evening shift and $1.25 for midnight shift. Time and a half is paid for all hours worked over 40 per week.

Merit Raises

Employees are evaluated yearly. Merit pay raises are awarded based on performance and range from a 0% - 5% yearly incentive raise.


40 hours per week, weekends and holidays. Midnights, Days, & Evenings.

Trainees work on rotating shifts. Shifts are rotated every four weeks during training. Shift assignments and day off rotations for PST trainees who have achieved a solo work status are determined by our scheduling supervisor until the full training program is complete (Call Taker, Teletype, and Dispatch).

At the beginning of each six-month bid cycle, solo PST Trainees will be placed on a shift and assigned a day off rotation for that bid. Once dispatch training has been completed, shift assignments and day off rotations are determined by the bid process. The bid takes place every six months and is seniority based.

Once a solo work status has been reached, all employees may be required to work mandatory overtime.

Employees have a 30-minute lunch break and two 15-minute breaks per day.

Probationary Period

One year probationary period, which may be extended for 3 months if necessary. Employer may terminate probationary employees.

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