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Cadet Applicants

  • The department pays all academy fees to include tuition, books, uniforms, etc.
  • Cadets will receive the cadet salary and benefits while attending the Academy.
  • Cadets will attend the St Petersburg College Law Enforcement Academy (Click here for more information about the academy).
  • The Academy is 21-24 weeks, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.
  • Successful completion of the CJBAT prior to applying. Not required if you are a veteran as classified in F.S. 1.01(14) with an honorable discharge; or earned an associate degree or higher from an accredited college/university. (Click here for more information about CJBAT)


Orientation Academy: 3-4 weeks (Cadet salary)
During the Orientation Academy cadets will attend a city orientation, complete a fitness assessment, and attend classroom/practical Fire Arms training.

Law Enforcement Academy: 21-23 weeks (Cadet salary)

Post Academy: 8 weeks (will receive 1st year officer salary upon completion of the State Exam and obtaining Certification)

During the Post Academy cadets will receive department related training on various topics to include the following:

  • Policies/procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Dispatching Calls
  • Records Management Systems
  • Scenario Training
  • Physical Fitness
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Body Cameras
  • Geographic Orientation
  • Radio Procedures

Field Training Program

The Field Training Program (FTP) is a 4-month program where you will take the classroom skills and knowledge taught in the academy and apply it to the real world while under the supervision of a Field Training Officer (FTO). The program is composed up of 4 phases:

  • Phase 1:
    4 weeks observing your Field Training Officer and the expectation of performing at 25%.
  • Phase 2:
    4 weeks with the expectation of performing at 50%.
  • Phase 3:
    4 weeks with the expectation of performing at 75%.
  • Phase 4:
    2 weeks with the expectations of performing at 100%. Followed by 2 weeks of observation by your FTO with the expectation of performing at 100%.

You will be assigned various Field Training Officers throughout the different phases. The program will include performance evaluations, standardized task training and evaluations that scores every area of performance during the course of each day.

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