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Employment - Telecommunicator


PST Trainee

  • Minimum: $19.81 per hour
  • Maximum: $30.13 per hour

Public Safety Telecommunicator

  • Minimum: $21.73 per hour
  • Maximum: $33.32 per hour

Shift differential is paid at a rate of $1.10 for hours worked on evening shift and $1.25 for midnight shift. Time and a half is paid for all hours worked over 40 per week.

Merit Raises

Employees are evaluated yearly. Merit pay raises are awarded based on performance and range from a 0% - 5% yearly incentive raise.


40 hours per week, weekends and holidays. Midnights, Days, & Evenings.

Trainees/probationary personnel work on rotating shifts. Employees bid for shifts every six (6) months by seniority. Once a solo work status has been reached, all employees may be required to work mandatory overtime. Employees have a 30-minute lunch break and two 15-minute breaks per day.

Probationary Period

One year probationary period, which may be extended for 3 months if necessary. Employer may terminate probationary employees.

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