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Sign Up For Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is an St. Petersburg Police Department initiative to enlist the help of community members in the fight against crime. Citizen-provided security camera footage is increasingly becoming an invaluable asset to the police, helping establish leads and identify suspects. By voluntarily registering your contact information with SPPD through this site, detectives will know how to reach you if a crime occurs in the vicinity of your property..

Become part of the St. Petersburg Police Department's Eagle Eye Program

1. Registration

Fill out our simple form and provide basic information about your business location and cameras. There is no cost associated and your information is kept confidential

2. Put decal in front window

Receive a member decal from the police department. By placing the decal in your front window, you alert detectives that you are part of the program and are willing to share your video.

3. Solve A Crime

The St. Petersburg Police Department will only contact you in the future if there is a crime committed in the vicinity of your security camera. Police may request a copy of any recorded video to assist in the investigation of a crime.

Terms of Service

All information provided to the St. Petersburg Police Department is protected under Florida State Statute Chapter 119 and is exempt from public records request. The program does not guarantee the St. Petersburg Police Department the right to the information recorded on your camera(s) and you can revoke police access to your system at any time. Your information will be stored and in the event a crime occurs in your area, a detective may contact you to ask to view your camera(s).

Register for Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye QR Code in order to sign up for the service
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