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Civilian Employee of the Quarter

In January 2022, Civilian Employee of Distinction award replaced the Civilian Employee of the Quarter award.
The Civilian Employee of Distinction award is presented every six months.

Year* Quarter Recipient
2021 First Jennifer Dawkins
Second Elizabeth “Liz” Ledee
Third Amy Wright
2020 First Valerie Shaw
Second Kaitlin Beam
Third Pete Lostraglio, Darlene Goodrow, Angelika Fischer,
James Parris, Steve Massmann
Fourth Ariana Pinkney
2019 First Samantha Thomas
Second Spencer Louison
Third Samuel Smith
Fourth Laura Patrick
2018 First Heather Barrucci
Second William “Chip” Wells
Third Christine Lopez
Fourth Jo-Anne Swensson
2017 First Steven Massman
Second Sarah Doyle
Third Michael Conklin
Fourth Samantha Williams
2016 First Rachel Paulina
Second Mitzi Perry
Third Melissa Alese
Fourth Dorothy Williams
2015 First Richard Ferner
Second Michael Conklin
Third Tiffany Jordan
Fourth Robin Greene

* Year is based on Fiscal Year beginning October 1.

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