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Report number: 2019-028446
Date of original release: 10-09-20

Insurance Agent Arrested for Exploiting Elderly Clients

Posted on 10-09-20 at 2:44 p.m.

SPPD Detectives arrested Charles Brian Kleinmetz (09/04/1968) at his home yesterday after charging him with Exploitation of the Elderly or Disabled Adult.

Kleinmetz met the victims at least ten years ago and gained their trust and friendship as their insurance agent. Detectives say he sold them a policy that wasn't sufficient enough to provide care for the victims, should they need to be placed in an assisted living facility (ALF). Eventually the victim's husband was diagnosed with Dementia and needed to be cared for in an ALF.

Kleinmetz assisted the couple cashing in a $205,000 life insurance annuity to pay for the cost of the ALF. As soon as the husband was placed in the care of the ALF, he deepened his friendship with the wife by providing help with daily activities and assisting with her personal needs. He was so involved in her daily life that he could be considered a caretaker. He also assisted the wife with opening a bank account that she believed would solely be used for the purpose of caring for her husband.

Detectives say that over the course of a two-month period, Kleinmetz got the woman (who did not understand the implications of what she was doing) to write him two checks for large sums of money. Money from the first check she wrote to a business Kleinmetz was partner in. They did not know the terms and conditions how he obtained the check, which he presented to them as a loan from a private investor. The second check was written to a business Kleinmetz personally owned. He was able to put himself in a position of trust and confidence, then strategically convince the vulnerable wife to take a variety of actions which resulted in his personal gain, at her financial loss.

At the time the crime was reported to the St. Petersburg Police Department, Kleinmetz had taken a total of $100,000 from the victim who did not understand her role in handing over the money.

At this time, Kleinmetz is only known to have done this to the victims involved, but SPPD is asking anyone who may have a similar experience with him to contact the St. Petersburg Police Department at 727-893-7780. The investigation into this case is ongoing.

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