St. Petersburg Police Press Release

Chief of Police
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St. Petersburg, FL 33705

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For Immediate Release
Report number: 2020-
Date of original release: 06-08-20

Policy Revision

After a thorough review of our policies, Chief Holloway has decided to add the following language to the department’s General Orders:

“Officers have a duty to intervene to prevent or stop wrongdoing by another officer when it is safe and reasonable to do so.”

This is in addition to the language the General Orders already contain to address this very concern:

General Order IV-1, Rules of Conduct, III, A, 5, b Employees shall advise: A supervisor, as soon as practical, of violations of this Order and/or any General Orders.

General Order IV-1, Rules of Conduct, III, F,3. Members shall take necessary action on a known violation of law or local ordinance, unless such action is prohibited or restricted by this or any other General Order or policy.

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