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For Immediate Release
Report number: 2020-
Date of original release: 04-30-20

Command Review Board Sustains Complaint Against Officer for Improper Use of Police Equipment

Chief Holloway and the command staff reviewed the Office of Professional Standards case of Officer John Pace. The Board sustained the complaint of Improper Procedures


Background: In November and December of 2017, Officer John Pace intentionally discharged his Department issued Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW or commonly referred to as Taser) on two separate occasions outside of authorized use. The first time he "stunned" (without using prongs) his fiance with her permission. The second time, he offered to "stunn" (without using prongs) a family friend, who agreed. In both incidents he was off-duty and at home. Also, Officer Pace gave an expired canister of Department issued O/C spray to a friend, instead of properly disposing of it. His now estranged fiance reported the incidents to the Office of Professional Standards on October 14, 2019.

The consequences at the Department will be:
1) 160 - hour suspension without pay
2) Will meet with his supervisor every month, for 18 months, to download his CEW to ensure proper use
3) Removal from specialized units for 18 months
4) Employee Assistance Program referral

Pace was sworn as a Police Officer on May 2, 2011.


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