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Crime Prevention

Office of Professional Standards

The purpose of the Office of Professional Standards is to insure the continued confidence of the community by upholding the integrity of the department. Members of this unit vigorously investigate all complaints with the understanding that a thorough investigation will not only bring to light any misconduct or inappropriate activity, but will also protect employees and the department from unfounded and unwarranted accusations.

The Office of Professional Standards has the authority to conduct investigations in the following instances:

  • When an allegation or complaint of misconduct is made against an employee of the department;
  • Whenever an employee discharges a firearm, other than for training, practice or while sport hunting;
  • Whenever a vehicular pursuit occurs;
  • Whenever an allegation or complaint of misconduct is made against a city employee and the Chief of Police authorizes the investigation;
  • Suicides or death that occur while in the custody of this agency or suicides involving department employees with special emphasis on events leading to the incident.

Whenever a complaint of criminal misconduct is made against an employee of the Department, or the probability exists that criminal charges may be filed against an employee, the Office of Professional Standards will contact the appropriate investigative entity for review. This criminal investigation will be governed by appropriate and applicable law. A separate administrative investigation may be initiated as well.


Office of Professional Standards can be reached at 727-893-7596