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Road Patrol Volunteers - Overview

Road Patrol volunteers requirments and qualifications

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Road Patrol

The St. Petersburg Police Department’s Road Patrol Division was started in 1996. It has developed into an essential element of our police department. Our volunteers assist our police department with non-confrontational situations. They do not carry weapons or have any arrest powers. Road Patrol Volunteers handle many non-criminal duties of police officers, creating more available time for Police officers, so they can respond to dispatched calls quicker and investigate criminal activity.

The Road Patrol Volunteers are uniformed personnel making them recognizable as a representative of the St. Petersburg Police Department. They have access to the police radio system providing them direct connection with our police officers.

Road Patrol responsibilities include tagging and impounding abandoned vehicles. They handle minor found property reports, such as found bicycles. They help disabled motorists and assist in traffic direction at vehicle crashes and fire scenes. Volunteers are also trained to issue parking citations. They issue violations for various types of illegal parking, such as Handicap parking, fire lane violations and vehicle street storage. The Road Patrol volunteer also does traffic speed monitoring and placement of high visibility police vehicles at city events.

A Road Patrol applicant must pass a thorough background check and polygraph examination. They are also required to successfully complete 40 hour training class which includes, but is not limited to; Safety and Public Interaction, Police Radio communications, Computer Report Writing, Driving, Abandoned vehicle procedures, Florida State Statutes and City Ordinances. They are fully supplied with the necessary equipment and training needed to complete their responsibilities.


Information about the St. Petersburg Police Volunteer Road Patrol Program:
Officer Ron Wolfson- 727-893-7141

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