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Date of original release: 06-04-24

Gel Pellet Gun Advisory

Release posted on 06-04-24 at 2:04 p.m.

Today, Chief of St. Petersburg Police Anthony Holloway issued a warning about the irresponsible use of pellet guns downtown. Photos of Police Horse Storm and gel pellet guns are below.

This past weekend, more than 200 teens gathered downtown and several of them were firing gel pellet guns in/at the crowd. At least three people were arrested on related charges.

"These may be toys, but I consider them dangerous when they are used irresponsibly. There is no place for them to be used in crowded public areas," said Anthony Holloway, Chief of St. Petersburg Police.

Police collected several gel pellet guns and boxes of gel pellets dropped in the area.

Moving forward, Chief Holloway plans for additional officers and resources to monitor the crowds during weekend evenings.

The gel pellets sting, but generally don't cause permanent damage unless they hit sensitive areas like the eyes. If they are discharged at cars, it may cause drivers to become distracted and crash.

The St. Petersburg Police Dept. takes these offenses seriously and advises parents not to allow children to take the gel guns downtown or to crowded areas.

Gel guns

Gel Guns

Storms injured eye

Storm's injured eye

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